Module 10B

The thirties weren’t just bad because of the Depression. Out on the plains, wheat farmers were trying to grow more and more wheat to try to combat the ever falling food prices. The new industrial farming equipment helped them do that faster and cheaper than ever and caused them to till up a ton of […]

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Module 10

Module ten covers the 1930’s, a pretty rough time for Americans. The thirties saw the Great Depression. The stock market crashed in october of ’29 and the economy went to crap. Unemployment skyrocketed and inflation was really bad. FDR came up with The New Deal which created tons of jobs. But what ultimately pulled us […]

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Module 9

in the 1920’s, the rise in consumerism leads to the idea of Fordism. Fordism is the idea that raising working wages is a good way to stimulate the economy so that everyone benefits. Not to be confused with Taylorism which was the use of assembly lines and machines for mass production.

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Module 8B

Prohibition. What a dumb idea. I think the whole idea was unconstitutional. You cant govern the way people think. Especially not if the people meant to enforce the laws were drinkers themselves or on the take from bootleggers. It reminds me of the current state of marijuana reform. People are starting to realize that its […]

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Module 8

This module cover WWI. WWI wasn’t as bad as it couldve been for the US in my opinion. We kind of tried to stay neutral for as long as possible, and in the end had 53,000 combat deaths which was relatively low.¬†Our military was pretty weak so Wilson helped to pass the selective service act. […]

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Module 5b

During the times of Jim Crow and Black Codes, there were two well known African American writers that shared contrasting ideas about how black people should proceed in order to improve their social standing. They were Booker T Washington and W.E.B. DuBois. Booker T’s idea was that black people should simply assimilate to the white […]

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Module 5a

After we learned about minstrel shows in class I decided to check it out on YouTube. I saw minstrel type comedy shows up until the 1950’s Eventualy my YouTube experience morphed into watching old cartoons that had been banned for racist content. It was amazing to me to see buggs bunny in blackface with big […]

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