Module 4b

In 1892 Andrew Carnegies steel workers began to strike in order to renegotiate their labor contract. Carnegie hired Henry Frick as his right hand man to handle the situation because Frick was known for his ruthless tactics. Frick hired Pinkerton agents to help break the strike line and allow scabs in. The conflict came to […]

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Module 4

This period saw the rise of many labor unions including the Grangers. A union for farmers established as a way to share trade secrets but mostly to help them to not be taken advantage of by the railroads and other industries that they need to sell their products. I think this was a brilliant idea. […]

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Hello all! I’m Nick and this is the first post of my blog for my US history class at San Diego Mesa Community College. This blog will consist of my thoughts and reactions to the topics of discussion and readings for the class. First up: settlement of the American west post Civil War. Stay tuned.

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